like a child

After leaving Destin, the next city we stopped at was Atlanta. Being in the Deep South, it would’ve been a crime to opt out on some delicious chicken and waffles, so we went straight to Gladys Knight’s…and it did not disappoint! The godparents of my sister’s friend, live in Atlanta and they graciously opened up their home to all four of us. Although it was an unfamiliar place, it was comforting to be in a home instead of a motel.

We actually ended up spending much of our time with the family that hosted us. Their grandchildren were there playing amongst themselves when we arrived. Once we got settled in our room, Sheldon (my friend who came along) and I noticed the kids timidly peeking into our room. We took the initiative in taking it a step further and talking with them. Their names were Tom (age 7), Remi (age 9), Vienna (age 8), Tammy (age 11), and Mina (age 6). Soon after getting acquainted, the godfather made some homemade pho…which I’ve never had…and it was delicious! The quality of meat could not compare to any pho restaurant I’ve gone to, which in turn made for a better broth as well.

As we were conversing with the godparents and their daughter (the mother to three of the kids we just met), Tom came to the dining table and strongly insisted that Sheldon and I join them to play.

I love spending time with kids. Especially the younger ones. They are pure, honest, curious, and daring. I truly admire these characteristics because as people grow older, for one reason or another, these qualities get compromised or lost. By spending time with kids, they remind me for the need to fight against societal pressures or negative experiences that may taint or repress these qualities. Fight to keep the kid in you!

Well I went to the Atlanta Aquarium, which has been the world’s largest aquarium until recently (apparently China has the largest one now). Sea creatures have always intrigued me. I was looking forward to this aquarium because they had whale sharks and manta rays. When walking through the exhibit, Sheldon was joking that the giant glass wall didn’t exist. I began doubting myself and panic began settling in. Well, I think this doubt made for a more comical reaction once I wrapped around a hallway to enter a room with an entire wall displaying the tank. Sheldon recorded in his journal, writing “Albert let out an audible gasp and elbowed me aside as he ran forward in giddy excitement without an ounce of shame or restraint, like a little kid.”

image (13)

Some of us with the godfather

image (11)

Homemade pho. He also packed us banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) for lunch the next day. Such a gracious host!

image (14)

The wall display at the Georgia Aquarium!

image (12)

That’s me!


The mesmerizing Manta Rays.

image (9)

Enjoying the gift shop.


One more picture of this tank for good measure. If you’re ever in Atlanta….you HAVE TO come here!


2 thoughts on “like a child

  1. …and by the way, I also recalled the journal you used to have when you were younger. I still occasionally think of that and laugh to myself. Haha. Again, you’ve come a long way.

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