nashville aka music city

I got great vibes from Nashville. They had mouthwatering southern food and BBQ. Live music played in many venues. And lastly, out of all the cities I’ve been to, the people here were the most kind and helpful. I could consider living in this city.

When we arrived in Nashville, we went straight to a restaurant called Puckett’s. There was a live band playing some catchy country/folk music. When the band did their creative take of the popular song “You Are My Sunshine,” everyone in the restaurant joined in on the chorus. I got to witness a band perform a tap dance solo for the first time as well. The food here was delicious, especially the Piggy Mac, which is a cherry wood smoked pulled pork in an iron skillet, topped with smoked gouda mac ‘n cheese. And the batter for the green beans…they were so good!

Our waiter’s name was Bryan. I am going to guess that he’s around his late thirties since he has a teenage son. Well this man has lived in 29 states. TWENTY NINE STATES. HOW?? Definitely a true vagabond. He recently purchased a food truck called “the food dudes” and he’s considering jumping city to city with this truck. Apparently this closely resembles a recently released movie called “Chef.”

After this delicious meal, great musical entertainment, and sharing stories with a cool waiter, we left Puckett’s. On the way out, my sister read the window which said “Live Music Nightly.” We shared a good laugh when she thought it was a thought-provoking statement to saturate our daily lives with music when it really just meant that they had live music every night at the restaurant.

We then went to a local bar called “The Stone Fox,” which would have many local bands perform. We sat in to watch two bands and came to the conclusion that in such a city that encourages musical talent and expression, any group of friends can come together in this city and have opportunities to perform. Not to say the bands we watched were not good. They were good!

The following day we went to the West End and had some delicious breakfast at Fido. We asked Michael, the cashier, about things to do or see in Nashville and he patiently explained his personal favorites. The amazing thing was that we were there at a busy time, but Michael was very thorough, and none of the customers in line made any remarks to speed it up. This was one of the clear indications of the personality of the city.

We went on to check out a local gift store, book store, and then the park. In the evening, we had ice cream at a place called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Had the BEST coffee ice cream of my life. The flavor was called Black Coffee and there was a hint of bitterness to it. They said they have plans to add a location in Los Angeles so keep an eye out for it!

All in all, it was a jam-packed 2 days in Nashville!


The band performing in Puckett’s


Our feast at Puckett’s

photo 4

Keep a lookout for Bryan’s truck!


The Stone Fox Bar

photo 1

One of the bands called the Sun Seeker

photo 3

Broadway Street


The Parthenon replica at Centennial Park


Pulled Pork Nachos, Mac n’ Cheese, Cole Slaw, Dry and wet ribs from Peg Log Porker

photo 5

The Black Coffee at Jeni’s….so…good…


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