the capital

Upon finishing Nashville, I dropped off my sister and her friend at the airport. Their vacation days were up and it was time for me and Sheldon to move on to the next city. The ten hour drive to Washington DC was much more difficult than the ten hour drive from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA.

A college friend of ours lives in DC and we were lucky enough to stay with her. We went out to a pier near the Tidal Basin and enjoyed some VERY fresh seafood right off the dock. We ordered live crabs and they steamed and seasoned them on the spot. In addition to the crabs, we had shrimp, oysters, and stuffed clams. After the seafood, we checked out the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It was my third time at the Lincoln Memorial, but it just doesn’t get old. I am always amazed by the grand and pristine statue of Lincoln as well as his writings. A self educated man from a modest upbringing…he sure was incredibly eloquent and insightful. His confidence in preserving the Union is what significantly contributed to the States to be what it is today! The UNITED States of America! We built up an appetite after some sightseeing so we went over to Ben’s Chili bowl and had some delicious chili dogs. We called it an early night since the drive to DC really wore us out.

The next day we checked out the National Mall and it was a shame that I didn’t schedule more time in DC. Many of the museums were lined up right along the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Especially because it was free and conveniently positioned adjacent to each other, I really wanted to hit up ALL the museums. However, we only had time to see one, so we went with the National Gallery of Art. The layout of the museum was beautiful as were the paintings and sculptures that filled it. To see such masterpieces firsthand was eye-opening. The detail, style, and vision for each piece was great to see. When it was time to leave the museum, we found it to be difficult. Not only because there was still so much more to see, but because we grew accustomed to the glorious AC and now had to step back out to the heat and humidity.

All in all, it was a great trip to DC and our friend was an awesome host!


Seafood on the wharf.


Picking out our crabs.


Some other food that was available.


Mouth-watering shrimp.


Freshly cooked/seasoned crabs.


Honest Abe!


Washington Monument


Self portrait at the National Gallery of Art


One of Van Gogh’s earlier works.


The Capital Hill with our friend and host of DC!!


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