to go, or not to go

Although I accepted the fact that the cycling part of my trip was over, I wasn’t ready to give up my backpacking trip quite yet. I knew that if I had severe ligament damage in the knee, I would have to cancel this part of the trip also. I kept putting off the MRI scan because I was afraid to face this outcome. Also because I didn’t have health insurance and I didn’t want to cough up the money.

I had several sessions with an acupuncturist as well as my physical therapist friend in order to increase my knee’s range of motion. About two weeks prior to my flight, I finally bit the bullet, and got the MRI. The results? I had a “strained” ACL. I was told that I should rest for 3-6 months before doing anything rigorous. I simply rejoiced to find that it wasn’t torn. However, my PT friend said that after running his tests on me, I came up positive for meniscus tear. Although it’s not detrimental, it was something I was recommended to address sooner than later.

After considering my condition, I decided to screw it and just go! I was far from being 100% but I decided to go and travel within my ability. Maybe I should have rested as much as possible before flying out to Shanghai, but there were opportunities to rock out with two bands I love as well as a trip up to Sequoia National Park with some college friends.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.52.48 PM
Jon Foreman…up close and personal.
Epic Jimmy Eat World concert! It was their Futures 10 year anniversary tour. Yes, I’m old.
Group picture in front of the Sentinel at Sequoia National Park. Thanks for planning this trip Eumi!
Splitting some wood with the good ol’ hatchet. I had to keep on the wrist guard for weeks to come.
Some of us at the top of Moro Rock! Surprised I made it. Just had to pace myself. Thanks for all the pics Jono!
My sister yelled for me to turn around for a picture right before entering the security gate for Shanghai. I had to work very hard to walk without a limp so that I don’t leave my mom worried sick…if she wasn’t already…hahah…

5 thoughts on “to go, or not to go

  1. Sounds like you had a great time and you made the right decision to continue having fun despite your injury. Worth it?

    1. Phoenix, I’m going back to write about my travels, and I can say with confidence that it was COMPLETELY worth it! It was more a matter of being careful enough to know my limits but not too afraid to flirt with that line a bit.

      1. It seems like you were able to find the perfect balance between enjoying yourself and not overdoing it. Good for you!

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