Shanghai: Day 2

Ate brunch with Liubov at a Greek place in an area called Tian Zi Fang. Had some coffee at McDonalds and she was off to work. I think I walked through every street in Tian Zi Fang. I loved the ambience of this area. The aged bricks gave the place an old school feel. Most of the buildings were only two stories and clothing was hung everywhere to dry above my head.

IMG_4186 (1)
Welcome to Tian Zi Fang! Restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, fresh food, and lots of knick knacks.
IMG_4182 (1)
Fresh laundry!
IMG_4192 (1)
Pork feet anyone?
IMG_4189 (1)
Or maybe some fresh veggies.
IMG_4202 (1)
People of all ages roaming Tian Zi Fang!
IMG_4199 (1)
I love cycling. And I like old stuff. Hence the beaten up bicycle.

I then took the metro to the People’s Square and wandered around in People’s Park. Four girls wanted to take a picture and asked me. I responded with my most used Chinese phrase “I don’t understand. I am Korean.” They found the fact that I’m not Chinese fascinating. Despite being younger people in a very urban city, they were very limited in English. I don’t mean to come off bigoted, but I found it surprising since I learned that Chinese parents put a heavy emphasis on learning English. Maybe English lessons are too expensive…. Anyways, I wanted to see the Bund in the day so I trusted my sense of direction and began walking. After walking about a block, I spotted the Pearl Tower off in the distance. I began walking straight at it, not letting it leave my sight. Although it was in my line of sight, it took much longer than expected, but I finally arrived at the skyline view. Across from the well-known skyline was the remains of the older French architecture. It’s always cool to see the old and the new integrated. Despite their obvious contrast, it somehow works. The French architecture was very ornate and beautiful, it was deserving to be the backdrop of wedding photography.

IMG_4208 (1)
Because my memory fails me, I took pictures of descriptions.
IMG_4212 (1)
Old people kicking it at People’s Park.
IMG_4217 (1)
Plenty of places in the park to find solitude.
IMG_4228 (1)
Spot the cow who aspires to be a lady bug!
IMG_4227 (1)
Trees, trees, trees I do adore!
IMG_4234 (1)
There you are! I must have you.
IMG_4231 (1)
The streets of Shanghai.
IMG_4250 (1)
The French buildings that face the modern architecture of Shanghai.


IMG_4247 (1)
The Bund!

I then walked over to the Yuyuan Garden. The garden area was absolutely packed with people. The sizes of stores varied greatly. One building across from the garden was like an indoor swap meet. The shops would range from 4×7 feet to the entire floor of a building. The sheer number of stores here was astounding. At the center was a building connected by two zig zag bridges. There were many families strolling around and some were feeding the Koi fish in the pond.

IMG_4256 (1)
The outskirts of the Yuyuan Garden.
IMG_4279 (1)
Koi fish feeding.
IMG_4301 (1)
At the center of Yuyuan Garden!
IMG_4315 (1)
Outdoor karaoke! That’s a first. The Chinese know how to belch out tunes anywhere!

I had a taro pie at McDonalds for the first time…and it was glorious. Crispy on the outside with just the right amount of warmth and sweetness on the inside. Why can’t they have this in the States…I think I heard they have it in Hawaii, but I can’t reach it by car, so I’m going to discount this fact.

IMG_4297 (1)
The heavenly dessert found at McDonalds!

I met up with Liubov to go to the bar at the top of the bottle opener building in Pudong. However, she ended up not feeling well, so we just had dinner and went home. Walking around all over Shanghai brought some confidence in my ability to get around despite my knee injury.

IMG_4319 (1)
Any guesses on the building nicknamed as the bottle opener building? So close, yet so far…

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