Shanghai: Day 4

Ate breakfast at with Liubov in her kitchen. True to her lifestyle, she cooked up a healthy and hearty meal. I then went to buy my train ticket to Xi’an only to find out at the station that they do not have trains leaving for Xi’an. I went there because it was the biggest station of four in Shanghai, so I assumed there would be trains to Xi’an, the largest train transit city in China. But nope! I forget why now, but I remember buying the ticket online or by phone was not an option. But I think it was more that my host (who isn’t from China) and I simply couldn’t figure it out. I managed to find out which station would sell the tickets and made my way there. It was across the city, but thankfully they I went to another station across the city and bought my ticket.

IMG_4490 (1)
Oatmeal for those complex carbs!
IMG_4493 (1)
Liubov’s breakfast. She’s about them heavy lifts. Gotta get that proteinnn.

I then immediately headed out to Zhujiajiao, a small town outside of Shanghai that has a history of about 1,700 miles. Took about 70 minutes to get there by bus. It seemed to be a tourist escape for Chinese people. I had about 5 hours here with not much to do, but to wander. I slipped through many of the streets, from the busy ones, to the outskirts. I think there were about a few hundred shops, but there were really only about twenty different types. Nevertheless, it was nice to explore without a strict direction or schedule.

IMG_4524 (1)
My goodness this picture brings back horrifying memories. When I first arrived in Zhujiajiao, I swung by the restroom to get anything in my system out. **Pro tip: When you don’t know your surroundings, use the restroom when you come across it to avoid desperate situations.** Anyways, I found the restroom intriguing. Never have I seen stalls that share a single canal so I decided to take a picture as shown above. And as I was going about my business… it happened. Dear Lord why did it have to happen. A classic case of “wrong place, wrong time.” I heard what resembled the sound of a breaking dam…and down came all the accumulated human excrements from the entire row of stalls. To make matters exponentially worse, I was in the last stall, so I saw everything come down. You can see the outlet where everything is supposed to pass through. Well the outlet wasn’t large enough and the biohazard of a flood slammed against the wall. I shrieked in terror as a I fell backward against the door. Not the best situation to be in with your pants down.
IMG_4577 (1)
One may wonder how I can try something called “stinky tofu” immediately after such a horrific experience… Yes, it is quite near impossible for me to lose my appetite.
IMG_4579 (1)
Compliments to the chef!
IMG_4584 (1)
One of the big cons of traveling alone. Wanting to try to eat everything but getting too full because you eat everything you see…and then there’s more food.
IMG_4537 (1)
Now these were the kind of canals I wanted to see…not in the restroom! Hahah
IMG_4608 (1)
I don’t know why, but there’s something so badass about a grandma smoking. Hahaha
IMG_4596 (1)
Cute little fella wandering the streets.
IMG_4569 (1)
Lit candles in one of the many temples integrated into the town.
IMG_4540 (1)
Fangsheng Bridge.
IMG_4633 (1)
Kids are the koolest. Yep, being creeper.
IMG_4673 (1)
As evening set in, the streets began clearing out. One of the shop owners playing badminton with his daughter.



I came back to Shanghai and met up with Liubov for dinner and I treated her to a nicer dinner of about 150¥, which is really only about $25. We ate until we could not eat anymore. To give you an idea of how much food costs, typically, I spent about 10-15¥ per meal in Shanghai.



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